Fred Lessore shares emotive 'Quietly Drowning'

Growing up amongst the culture of South East London as the fifth of eight siblings, songwriter and musician Fred Lessore has never lacked for inspiration to bolster his natural creativity. From Anglo-French and Malagasy descent, he pulls from moods and genres across the musical map to create something truly special.

The motives behind Quietly Drowning are clearly deeper than pure entertainment. At a time where every waking moment has a filter and an expiration date, Quietly Drowning defiantly shows its truest self from the get go. The song encourages the listener to not only respond to the experience of depression in an honest way but to also appreciate the beauty in the struggles that affect us all.” - Fred Lessore

Not shy to address the complex topics of mental health, spirituality and heartbreak, Fred has an affinity and affluence for iconic storytelling, making for a blissfully melancholic journey through his influence with a firm and honest folk backbone. Debutant he may be, but rookie he is not - essential listening, tune in now.