Johnny Gates releases reminiscent 'Brooklyn Nights'

L.A. based indie-folk singer-songwriter Johnny Gates has had music running through his veins since he was young, and you can really feel the years worth passion that's driven his poised walk into the spotlight. With only three singles to his name to date, Johnny follows up Wish I Knew You and cliché, with Brooklyn Nights that maintains the slow burning flame of emotional honesty and natural songwriting.

Taking you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, Johnny spins a tale of friendships past in Brooklyn, introduced by the natural ambiance of the city which compounds the vicarious immersion. Starting the song's journey in a stripped back atmosphere, the instrumental slowly thickens with Johnny's voice matching the increased energy and unmistakable timbre.

Keep your eyes peeled for not a burnt cd - his upcoming debut project that's set to make him a household name.