Lucy Mair shares empowering single 'Being Pretty Was Fun'

Having a powerful message as a musician is often the difference between a good and a great song, and Southeast London singer-songwriter Lucy Mair has just that in her emphatic return with the empowering and effortlessly iconic Being Pretty Was Fun.

"I wrote this song when I was completely fed up of being told how to look or what to eat. I felt I needed to write a song that vented my frustration and encompassed my thoughts on popular culture's gender stereotyping and its obsession with beauty.” -Lucy Mair

It's important for artists to start these dialogues and address these taboos because that's what stops them from retaining their everlasting grip on society. Musically it sits in a jazzy pocket between a myriad of timeless pop flavours, which provides the perfect vehicle for the song to both stand the test of time and the important message to hit home.