andrews' releases new song 'Lost In The Fire'

Based in the United States’ cultural home of music, Nashville, Tennessee, andrews’ has returned with his uplifting and ambitious new single Lost in the Fire. Blending all areas of his homeland’s music scene, the track is immediately emotive and carries an impressive form of simplicity throughout.

The lyrics and his soft, husky voice take center stage, allowing his listener to focus on his message and overall sound. Produced by Justin Amundred, the track capitalises on the poetic styling of his recent material, including his previous release ‘Through The Night’. His latest offering is the perfect next step in his indie-pop releases. It’s both euphoric and sultry and highlights andrews’ unique eye for creating captivating content.

The track is about learning to accept your surroundings for what they are at the time. It’s a testament to his ability to write impressive lyrics to a far wider audience than just himself. ‘Lost In The Fire’ is progressive and emotive, with a sheer level of honesty that is refreshing to hear in a world full of chaos and disorder.