Anna Pancaldi shares the sweet and upbeat 'Peace'

London-based singer-songwriter Anna Pancaldi is one of those rare artists that every song penned will take on a life of its own, standing out as a pure grace to modern pop. Approaching her creativity with a view to create music that'll stand the test of time by shirking any current trend, Peace seems to be both out of place in time and ahead of the curve.
“A challenge at first but now an exhilarating awakening having discovered and then explored the electric guitar. ‘Peace’ is my first ‘foot stomper’ track which I think will surprise listeners who’ve been on the journey with me so far. It feels a bold evolution for me so here we go.”
Initially making downtempo pop that embraced a more cinematic grandeur, Anna forges ahead incorporating all that she's learned along the way now focusing more on the upbeat side of indie pop with her first song that makes use of electric guitar. Blissful and carefree listening, Anna's new direction is definitely worth keeping tabs on. Tune in below.