Charlee Remitz shares lovesick album 'Sad Girl Music'

She may be merely 23, but Montana-born LA-based singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz approaches her music with an emotional honesty far beyond her years, and Sad Girl Music boldly reimagines her own distinct sound of projects passed with an abject professionalism.

The project provides all colours of her electro-pop palette, with standouts including the lavishly deep To Tell You The Truth, the full-bodied Overgrown and the shimmering title track. While this addresses a lot of residual emotion from a breakup, this is far from your typical breakup album.
Those final weeks, when I knew we were done, but I couldn't stand up, walk away, trust that if I let him fall, he won't come apart, or I won't jump in after him. Finally, I slipped my hand from his. That's where my story begins. Sad Girl Music isn't about him. It's about me.
Sitting at eight tracks long, Sad Girl Music is to the point, a beautiful whirlwind of emotion. That being said, this isn't the only chapter in the story, with Volume Two coming in Spring of 2019, featuring Charlee as the sole producer - keep your eyes peeled.