Chel shares empowering indie pop hit 'My Name'

Pop in all its avenues has always had a dynamic and ever-evolving appeal, and it's always refreshing when an artist uses that platform to spread a message that aims to break negative norms in society. L.A. based Chel utilises her soaring voice to do such a thing, and does so with aplomb. With a luxurious indie pop production, she now draws strength from the negative life experiences of her past to share an empowering message of body positivity, defiant against the antiquated perceptions of modern beauty.
“A name is one of the most valuable things a person owns. For me, ‘My Name’ is a statement. I spent most of my life killing myself over what people thought of me. I listened as people used my name as a punch line. This song is important to me because it drips confidence. At some point in my life, I decided to take back control and to own who I am. I went through a metamorphosis. I realised that if people were talking about me, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I realised that if I am happy with myself, eventually other people will learn to be happy as well and if they can’t… well I just don’t care. ‘My Name’ embodies this message. I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m trying to be me. If I’m still relevant enough to talk about, I must be doing something right.” 
My Name celebrates individuality in an irrefutably catchy manner - tune in below.