Clinic Blonde release 80s inspired indie hit 'Fabled' [IAI PREMIERE]

Copenhagen-based four-piece Clinic Blonde have been winning hearts across Europe with their distinct take on indie pop that incorporates all the neon-clad swagger of the 80s while retaining the cutting edge motifs of modern music. Inspired by love songs through the ages, it's hard to not be enamored by latest track Fabled that spins a tale of modern love with a relatable and honest finesse.

While there's not a synth in sight, Clinic Blonde are definitely electric.
“Fabled is a song about wanting and getting. In as few words as possible, it aims to describe the anxiety that is going into a relationship, the following highs you experience and at the same time the fear of losing it all. All this while trying to keep up the act that you don't even care.”