Empathy Test share 'Holy Rivers | Incubation Song' and the song that changed their life

Childhood friends Isaac and Adam unite as Empathy Test to make pop electronica that's as lavishly deep as it is hauntingly beautiful. With their music resonating across the globe to a growing audience, the duo return with the double A-side release 'Holy Rivers / Incubation Song'.

Despite showing different dimensions of the same sound, they each have no trouble in completely mystifying your consciousness, sweeping you away into an immersive and introspective moment - essential listening, tune in below.

We caught up with them to share a song that set them on their journey:
I'm going to say 'A Real Hero' by College & Electric Youth as the song that changed both our lives. It's the track that inspired us to start using synthesizers instead of guitars and create the first Empathy Test tracks. It's so emotionally rich and yet so economical, creating an amazing vibe with so little. 
A track I'm listening to a lot at the moment is 'Lafayette' by Man Without Country. MWC remixed our recent track, Holy Rivers, and we're supporting him at The Old Blue Last in London on 26th November. Ryan is one of the best producers around at the moment and 'Lafayette' is literally a chill pill in musical form. Put it on and feel your stress wash away.