Joe Jenneman shares pensive acoustic cut 'Bloom' [IAI Premiere]

Michigan-born L.A.-based singer-songwriter Joe Jenneman is making music with a skill and experience that surpasses his years by virtue of his eclectic influence and natural affinity for songwriting. Citing influences from the likes of Bob Dylan to Justin Bieber, Joe has a clear grasp of what makes a memorable line and indelible memory.
“There’s this awkward stage after a breakup where you acknowledge you’ll be better off, however when you attempt to pick up the pieces and move on, you can’t. You’re just not ready yet. That’s what “Bloom” is about”
 Joe has been slowly been building his catalogue of instant classics in 2018, and continues the streak with Bloom that addresses the complexities of modern love postbreakup, utilising an intimate atmosphere and a stripped back sound to compound the honest themes of the music. Joe definitely has the musical 'je ne sais quois' that'll soon make him a household name.