The Beamish Boys share acoustic version of their track with MKJ, 'Don't Flatter Yourself'

Australian indie pop duo The Beamish Boys have been making all the right moves in 2018, and have rapidly evolved from jamming in their garage to performing on the international stage both digital and physical.

They soon noticed their vocal talents were of perfect compliment to electronic productions, working alongside the likes of emerging artists Constant Z, MKJ, and Trial & Error, they lay their honeyed harmonies onto their inspired productions for a variety of emphatic indie pop crossovers. Returning to their roots, they now share an acoustic alternate take of Don't Flatter Yourself, their well-received track with San Antonian producer MKJ.

“We had a run-in with a particularly unpleasant person in the music industry - who will, of course, remain nameless - and so writing this song was a very cathartic process for us. Nobody likes to be pushed around and too often artists are taken advantage of. ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’ is kind of a unifying anthem for all creatives and artists who have ever felt mistreated.” - The Beamish Boys

Maintaining the empowering energy of the original, the reimagine the track with a more grassroots energy in their charming singer-songwriter aesthetic. Tune in below.