Vineyard Cries shares new track 'Holes'

London-based lyricist Vineyard Cries is back with his latest release Holes. Known for incorporating cultures from across the world into his syllable-blending and storytelling flow, Vineyard Cries merges his fast and ferocious flow into an electrifying force with his new release Holes.

The track is an organic hip-hop crossover that takes inspiration from iconic sounds including Britpop. Self-described as the son of Liam Gallagher and Erykah Badu, Vineyard Cries immediately creates a melting pot of foreboding indie and hypnotic lyricism with Holes. The electrifying melodies immediately add urgency and are placed at the forefront of the track, with his lyricism blending behind perfectly. The chorus is big and adds a new dimension to the track. It’s subtly empowering in both music and message and is a testament to Vineyard Cries’ ability to strike a deep and personal affinity with his audience. Holes is a twisted play on society and between the melody and lyrics, he stands tall on this track, proving his talent and dedication to making visual and emotional music.