Young Monarch share the honest 'Find Me'

Self-described as "Emotional Alt Pop", Jersey-natives Young Monarch pen songs that spin relatable narratives on a myriad of personal tribulations with an introspective honesty. Conceptually that mayn't sound too groundbreaking, but it's the execution of these topics that set them apart from the crowd. On the surface, Find Me sounds like an upbeat lovers lament but scratch that surface and you'll uncover the intimate meaning that adds so much colour the lyrics.
“​My words are like publishing your diary to the whole world, hoping that someone will understand what you’re feeling and not judge you for it” - songwriter and lead singer Rebecca Lewis
Find Me is about finding the pieces of yourself that you lose during moments of self-doubt, and bouts of depression and anxiety. The addressal of this complex subject brought into balance by the positive energy of the music, which imbues the sensation of reconnecting with yourself. Uplifting pop in every sense of the word, tune in below.