YOWL reveal nostalgic new single "John the Collector"

After asking my friends for new music to listen to, this band popped up more than once, and you can easily hear why. This week see's the south London band reveal their brand new single "John The Collector", and it's got a great feeling youth embedded in the track, with memories of the early 2000's flowing back when listening to it, the chaps are flying the flag for South London and are clearly doing well for themselves. Be sure to keep an eye on them, if they keep this up they could quite literally be one of the hottest guitar bands around.

(C) Luis Kramer

Speaking about the single, singer Gabriel Byrde says: "It’s a loose delve into the male psyche. It’s about a guy who tries to open up a little more and realises the only way he can do that is to murder his friends and stick their faces onto his walls so he has someone to talk to at all times."