PoppySeed unveils slick new track 'Overboard'

With sounds comparable to Justin Timberlake, Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons, Canadian artist PoppySeed is changing the game with his genre-bending sound. PoppySeed has used this inspiration from multiple genres on his new innovative release “Overboard”, which oozes rock vocals and dance floor drops. 

I’m a product of what I’ve listened to and I’ve been a fan of a large variety of music. If you have to put a label on my music, call it Indie/Pop/Rock: a genre that fuses my lyrics with dance pop/rock melodies.
Working with one of Canada’s hottest producers Hotbox Digital, “Overboard” connects smooth, catchy instrumentals and melodies with hard-hitting hooks. Combining Indie, Pop and Rock, “Overboard” has a slick and distinctive sound that has a tendency to sneak up on you.

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