Pupils of the Clock share visuals for their track 'D.M.T.'

The hottest UK Hip Hop to come out of Cornwall in.. Well ever.

Pupils Of The Clock is the collective name for Bristol-based rappers and Hip Hop aficionado's Lazy Eyez and Tok. The duo met in college and discovered a mutual love for performing and writing music.

The two artists now count the likes of Benaddict, Res One and Chillman as fans due to their immense touring schedule and work ethic towards networking. You’ll often find them traveling between Bristol & London, consistently building a fanbase.

“Live performance is imperative because it gifts us the opportunity to connect with our fans on a deeper level. Also, even since recording the album last year we have developed massively as artists and our stage show allows us to share our growth with our fanbase.”

Lyrically, the duo explore issues of everyday life, societal conflict, and even spiritualism. No more so is this more relevant than on the bonus track D.M.T. An anagram for dead men tomorrow, the track carries an imposing message to take nothing for granted. It’s a powerful juxtaposition on the uplifting, sun-drenched UK Hip-Hop production.
“We’re all connected through definitive mortality but infinite in intricate wisdom that we give clarity.”

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