[SOUNDS OF 2019] - #12 - Tom Lumley

With the releases of "Skyhigh", "Crawling" and "Modern Age" this year, it's really been a busy one for Cambridge's flag bearer in Indie-Rock. Having sold out The Portland Arms in Cambridge on his own back, supporting many bands in and around the local area to Cambridge, playing festivals all over the country such as Secret Garden Party, Dot To Dot and many more it's no wonder Tom is one of the best solo acts that are still unsigned at the moment.

"Modern Age" is one of those slightly experimental tracks as compared to his usual sound this is definitely a bit on the heavier side, however it doesn't stray too far from Tom's roots, captivating guitars, festival-ready lyrics that you can sing-along to and a well produced backline.

Speaking about the track, Lumley explained - "For as long as there’s been a jurisdiction in place, there’s been people unhappy with how certain things are done. Some people stand up with banners at marches, some people do it with graffiti on the streets, art in galleries or in literature. We’re just a few more raising our voices, this time in song"

With more tracks in the pipeline the ambitious singer-songwriter is aiming even higher for 2019, and why not! So be sure to follow him on all of the socials and listen to his latest tracks in our playlist below.