[SOUNDS OF 2019] - #14 - The Assist

There's no denying it, we love this band, from their very early days back to now, we love em. This year saw The Assist play to new crowds up and down the UK with us even bringing them down from The Midlands to London for out second BLOGTOBER show in two years at The Finsbury. 2018 also saw them release their debut EP "Lost" which got them a whole new set of fans, and even more so critics alike.

The lead single "All That I Need", has massive nods to the 1990's, with some big euphoric hooks, energetic guitars and plenty of fuzz. The band have been working hard since their inception crafting catchy anthems but this one is a huge step-up for them with more new tunes in the pipeline for 2019. With the band performing with the likes of The Twang, RAT BOY and Black Honey it seems like they're already on the path to stardom, just wait for the new music next year to drop, that'll be next level, and we can't wait!