[SOUNDS OF 2019] - #6 - NOVACUB

So NOVACUB are so new they don't have any music on Spotify, yet. However they tend to release their demos via Soundcloud and YouTube, how 2014. But the band are defiantly in the modern age as far as the music goes.

There is no doubt that the band is full of seasoned musicians having formed by Russell Lissack of Bloc Party with their new drummer, Louise, who is on guitar and vocal duties here. The band is completed with Iona Thomas and Tony Alda with the quartet releasing four demos to date, "November" which is the most Bloc Party like track out of the bunch, "Wait Up" which showcases Louise's vocals at her peak, "I Still Need It" with driving Lissack guitars making the track what it is with a driving beat in the background. The band finished this year with a fans only stream of "Real Love" which is the band dabbling into more of the electronics side of things.

If there is something to go by here it's how much they've refined their sound and found who they are as a band in a short space of time. From the four demos they've released it sounds like NOVACUB can easily fill the void of a certain London band quite easily. But to compare them is not fair in anyway to either party, NOVACUB are a fresh approach and their shows are few and far between so when they play be sure to go down to hear some more of those sweet tunes. 2019 will see them possibly re-record their demos at the very least, maybe an EP, who knows. But if they release anything I'll 100% be listening to it!