[SOUNDS OF 2019] - #7 - Only Shadows

Only Shadows have recently been upping their game, and after being around as a quartet for a few years now they've refined their sound and with their track "Cold Shoulder" under their belts now the outfit are set to be one of the big hitters in years to come, and my word is it a change if sound for the Midlands quartet! If the last 12 months has taught them it's a lesson or two in how to write a quality tune, with "Stay Close To Me" giving them more fans than ever before.

"Cold Shoulder" however was a real statement of intent from the four-piece, they've been working hard on refining their sound and with every single they release they get better and better. However, with this effort I feel that they've surprised a LOT of people. They've literally gone out guns blazing and have shocked me how powerful and energetic the track is, Only Shadows are just getting started everyone! You can get on the band-wagon below and listen to their new cut, you won't be disappointed!

If 2018 is anything to go by the next 12 or so months for the band will be the biggest they're ever going to have, if they don't get signed by a label then I'll go mad. These four lads deserve to be on the big stages, just listen to them!