[SOUNDS OF 2019] - #9 - The Scruff

If you’re going to file The Scruff under anything, the easiest option would be “hometown heroes”. The Bedford four-piece almost seem like the property of the town and the surrounding areas within the county. It appears that anyone will find a reason to say they support, and have supported, the band for a long time.

After a very successful 2017 with the addition of a new member (Jack), the release of their first proper single "Her" and a plethora of live shows it wasn't long before the BBC and Radio X were hot on the heels of the Bedfordshire based band. 2018 saw them up their game even more with teh releases of "Let You Down (I Won't)" and "White Flag", once again showcasing the band's talents to the masses.

 Judging by the sounds of it The Scruff are aiming high with their aspirations, and why not, "Her" is a great statement for them, and their latest track is by far the best thing they've done to date. I can honestly see them only snowball from here on out, and with 2019 around the corner it certainly is looking bright for them! Expect more tours, more shows, bigger shows, more tunes and a big year for the lads.