TALI shares 'Comfortable In Another Bed'

Toronto has a rich musical heritage that might be about to find a jewel in its crown.

TALI is a brand new songwriter who expertly blends vintage soul with a contemporary pop production, resulting in an outstanding product that’s recently been picked up by New Music Friday in her native Canada.

Accompanied by an official video, ‘Comfortable In Another Bed’ signals the first in a series of original singles from TALI (real name Tali Kouchnir), who was discovered by British publishing company Phrased Differently (Disciples, Andreas Moe) and subsequently signed after touching base via their contact form.
“This song is about working out if you will ever be comfortable with someone - really playing with the idea that comfort is love,” explains TALI. ‘Everyone wants love, and comfort can make or break that. What I was really asking here was ‘where’s that guy who brings that comfort and makes me feel good and safe through love?’” 

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