Tom Lumley shares rip-roaring new track "Modern Age" [IAI PREMIERE]

Cambridge's very own Indie-Rock flag bearer, Tom Lumley, has today revealed his brand new track "Modern Age", and he's given us the official premiere, what a lad! If you're used to his work then this track might be more of a heavier affair, however it doesn't stray too far from Tom's roots, captivating guitars, festival-ready lyrics that you can sing-along to and a well produced backline.

Speaking about the track, Lumley explained - "For as long as there’s been a jurisdiction in place, there’s been people unhappy with how certain things are done. Some people stand up with banners at marches, some people do it with graffiti on the streets, art in galleries or in literature. We’re just a few more raising our voices, this time in song"

The track is officially released tomorrow via North Acre Records.