Adam French unveils beautiful video for "The Only Living Thing"

Adam has recently revealed his incredible new track and visuals for "The Only Living Thing", which is the second release from his upcoming debut album. The video stars Charley Palmer Rothwell (who's been in Dunkirk and Darkest Hour) it’s another subtle, melodic thing of beauty, lyrically breaking down relationships and the love and pain dynamic within them. There’s also a knowing nod to mental health issues and loneliness, making this a measured and sensitive statement.

Speaking on the track, Adam states: "The track is about realisation, that everything you previously had was all that you ever needed and more. Two people sharing the same pain, coming to terms with the fact that they might need to look backwards in order to move forwards. Love is an interesting beast. I've always been fond of videos that tell love stories in interesting ways, but this one's different for so many reasons. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to longing for companionship."