Noé releases 'Pity Party' and teases new project

LA-based artist Noé is ready to win hearts across the world with her new indie pop direction, that's distinctly hers. Having made huge waves over the past few years by lending her vocals talents to a host of powerful, electronic and dance music productions, she's taken a step away to focus on a sound that represents every part of herself. Returning to the spotlight in 2019 with Pity Party, consider appetites suitably whet for her forthcoming EP i.
"I am super proud of the music I have coming out. I know people aren’t gonna find it easy to define my sound, but I’m ok with that. I’ve struggled A LOT with who I am as an artist, resenting how “Authenticity” became this big word I felt like I had to live up to. But I’m learning that my sound is whatever makes me feel, even if it doesn’t fit in a box. Would that be drawing from a pop/R&B/rock/wtv artist inspiring me, or recording a song live because I wrote it crying on my couch and can’t hear it any other way. Being in the moment is as true to myself as I can get.”
Check out the warm, lo-fi inspired visuals below:

Noé Online: