Pretty Vicious release racous track "These Four Walls"

Credit: Simon Sarin

Pretty Vicious today reveal "These Four Walls", the latest single from their forthcoming debut album.

The band's third offering ‘These Four Walls’ is Pretty Vicious’ own brand of youthful abandon at its raucous best. A snarling call to the dancefloor, its glorious millennial grunge is fuelled by infectious guitar riffs and persistent drumming, always teetering on the brink of chaos.

Singer Brad Griffiths’ primal howl perfectly sums up the youthful dreams and the frustrations of small town mundanity, delivered with the confidence of a frontman who knows he and his last-gang-in-town are equipped to carry the flag of their rock and roll forefathers.

Pretty Vicious play Camden Assembly on 12th February ticket link