Vampire Weekend announce new album "Father of the Bride" + streams "Harmony Hall" and "2021"

Previewed by a two-hour guitar loop teaser over the past few days, new Vampire Weekend tracks "Harmony Hall" and "2021" are now available to stream now as a teaser of what's to come from their brand new album.

The pair of new songs are the first to be released of the 18 tracks comprising Vampire Weekend’s forthcoming fourth album, "Father of the Bride", which is due out in spring 2019 on Columbia Records.

Father of the Bride’s title is something Koenig chose years back, well before recent significant developments in his life. In typical VW fashion, the title has multiple layers of meaning, expressing the band’s signature paradox: creating songs that easily find a home on any playlist—or car radio, TV show, film soundtrack, airport PA, etc.— but reveal their complexities upon closer listening.