Jackson Dyer returns with 'CBSKY'

Australian-born, Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer Jackson Dyer emphatically returns to the fore in 2019 with CBSKY, his first release since 2016's Compartments. It sounds as if the sabbatical has allowed Dyer to ruminate and develop his already stellar sound into something even stronger, something truly special.

“I wrote CBSKY focusing on the dramatic and often senseless changes and trials that life brings. Facing many doubts and challenges in my own life, CBSKY took shape over a period of a month, in a small coastal village a few hours north of Sydney, Australia, and helped me reach the understanding that change is inevitable, and that the discomfort it causes will recede with time”. 
CBSKY is a warm, yet melancholic indie pop instant classic, tune into the perfectly themed visuals below.

Jackson Dyer online: