Jamie Cruickshank shares debut project 'Worn Through'

Mathemetician, Bristolian and folk-inspired singer-songwriter, Jamie Cruickshank is making music that sounds out of place in time in the best way possible. Taking classic themes of icons passed, Jamie's distinct vocal stylings, production and natural affluence for songwriting is sure to him on a path similar to those who influence him. 

While each song stands strong on its own, Worn Through is like a book you can't put down. It's easy to get lost in the entire project like a winding and immersive stream of consciousness - the perfect introduction to his charming and refined sound.
“I’m a mathematician, and the themes through the record are mathematical descriptions of nature and family relationships and communication. I tried to show that family networks are fractals: space-filling patterns that are infinitely detailed - I compare lines of family communication with natural fractals such as the silhouettes of winter trees, coastlines and clouds.”

Jamie Cruickshank online: