Eleanor K releases electronic heavy new single "Anything You Want"

Elanor K has been put into the limelight with her standout vocal performances as a session vocalist for Crystal Fighters, and also performing with them in the live setting. Her tracks are heavily focused on her vocals, and why not as they're brilliant. With the new track having a very heavy backing track with glitchy (and somewhat arcade-esque) electronics and skittish drums mixed in with a lick or two of guitar for good measure.

Speaking about her new cut Elanor says - " ... "Anything You Want" is about a girl that completely loses touch with reality. It's tuning into a very vulnerable and desperate place that everyone has felt at least once in their lives in a particular situation, whether that be romantically or socially. "

If you listen to the track there is a lot of layers going on, but with the production and mixing levels being dead on you don't feel like any instruments are lost in the mix at all. Head on down to check out "Anything You Want".