False Heads release explosive new track "Slease"

Credit: Neil McCarty

False Head's explosive new single "Slease" is out today.

Having just played two racous and blistering live shows in Manchester and London this week, the authentic punk-rockers have also been keeping busy in the studio working on what's essentially going to form part of their debut album, due out later this year. 

Speaking of "Slease", the band's frontman Luke Griffiths told It's All Indie; "The song is really about being in a terrible mental state and everyone chipping in whether you want them to or not. It's also about being okay with that state and reveling in it, which is never really a good thing."

The band are known for their honesty and integrity and have never been scared to voice their opinions on politics or the media. Their new single projects the same attitude and outlook.

Slease captures all the things you want and have come to expect from a False Heads track, but it also manages to direct the listener in a new direction. As much as the band adore all the traditional elements of punk-rock, they have always been passionate about strong choruses and hooks, and on the new single, the band take that passion a couple of steps further. 

The overarching vibe on Slease is intrinsically raw, explosive and high-intensity. Luke's individual and highly recognisable guitar sound and vocals, Jake Elliot's pulsating yet melodically-driven bass lines coupled with Barney Nash's arresting, flawless drumming sum up False Heads' autonomous signature sound and their ability to transform an entire song into a devastating, explosive racket of a drop. 

False Heads remain one of the best and most authentic guitar bands. 

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