Josh Ace unveils punchy new single, "Nothing"

Short and sweet is how some things in life should be, and Josh Ace's new track "Nothing" sits in at 139 seconds long but still packs a punch. The Swansea born singer-songwriter sounds like he has grown up on mid 00's Indie-Rock with riffs sounding like it's been plucked from The Strokes or a Bloc Party track. Commanding vocals and with a real drive Josh has created a track that makes you want to play it again and again.

Ace is so passionate about what he does, as you can hear that in how energetic the track is, which has a slight tint of psychedelica thrown in to give it some extra flavour. BBC Radio Wales have already picked up on Josh's work and I feel like there is more to come from the Swansea singer-songwriter. If he continues to craft tracks such as this he could be the next big Indie-Rock act to come out of Wales since Catfish and the Bottlemen.

So head on down below and check out the exciting new cut, "Nothing"