Ocean Flaws release spacey new track "Pray To The Satellite"

Essex outfit Ocean Flaws have doing quite well for themselves as of late, with the band reaching the semi-finals of the Isle Of Wight New Blood competition, which can get them a slot at the festival later on this year. The quintet have a psychedelic sound to them mixed with some electro-rock sensibilities and commanding vocals from Callum.

If you loved Kalxons then you're going to like these four lads, the blend between two different genres has been masterfully pulled off in "Pray To The Satellite" with reverb ridden guitars, wobbly synths and a solid back-line. Ocean Flaws are -  Callum Quirk (Vocals/Bass), Hamish Monk (Guitar), Sean Heaney (Guitar) and Alex Pattle (Drums) - and with their spaced out psychedelic new track out now I can see them only going stronger and stronger.

"Pray To The Satellite" is mysterious yet somewhat familiar with it's psychedelic edges, if Tame Impala and Arctic Monkeys ever did make a track it wouldn't sound too far off this!