Rae Isla shares the Americana twinged 'American Paradise'

Pop music, as vague a term as that may be, has always had a tendency to navigate towards trendy sounds to catch ears, often at the cost of the quality of the songwriting. NY-based ether-pop artist Rae Isla is a shining example of the fact that trends are there to be set rather than met.

Latest offering American Paradise is a transformative mixture of cinematic pop and lovesick alternative rock, rife with sonic identity and the confidence of a true storyteller. Her vocal delivery and lyrical direction are so potent that you can feel the motivation behind each word and musical cadence as if you're experiencing the storyline as it unfolds.
“‘American Paradise’ is about the warm and pure feeling of love, before it’s corrupted by the cold inevitability of change. Living on the east coast as a transplant can often feel very cold—literally and figuratively. There’s this desire to travel and find something new and warm, a pursuit that is characteristically American and perfectly embodied by California.”

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