Cherry Lotus unveil ferocious new song "Fake Leather Attitude"

Cherry Lotus have unveiled their ferocious new song "Fake Leather Attitude", and my god is it a shimmering example of what new bands can sound like if they put in the hours. The Bournemouth band have been teasing their debut single for a while and it was worth the wait, now they've released their follow-up it's  just confirming what we already know. The video looks like it would suit Arctic Monkeys' style perfectly, they've got their sound, style and aesthetic down to the finest detail yet again, but not without losing their exciting sound.

With some reputable websites and zines already backing Cherry Lotus I can see the band going from strength to strength in the coming years, if they keep up this level of production, sound and excitement they can be the next big thing to come out of the South of England.

If you're in town when they're playing be sure to head on down and jump about when this comes on, I know I would. But while you wait for the gigs head on down and check out the exhilarating video for "Fake Leather Attitude"