Crystal Tides share upbeat new track "Little Lies"

South Coast based Crystal Tides have recently shared their brand new track, "Little Lies", and my god is it an upbeat cut. "Little Lies" is the band at what sounds like their finest, even though the band may be a small outfit at the moment if they keep on writing songs like this then I'm sure we're going to be seeing them about much more.

Speaking about the track the band say - " ... "Little Lies" tells the story of all the mornings we have woken up not knowing where we are, how we got there and the big one of ‘What the hell happened last night?!’And even though the hangover is killing you, it comes to the next evening and all you want to do is go out and do it all again." - Which is very relatable to a lot of people on a Saturday after a long week.

That's one thing the band wants to keep is a bit of realism in their lyrics and approach to their music, keeping it real by growing their fanbase organically and keeping the words in their music relative to modern society in 2019. We really hope to hear more from Crystal Tides this year, if their forthcoming tracks are anything like this then they've got a solid future ahead of themselves.