Dom Youdan reveals genre bending track "Is Your Lover Still Cool"

Dom Youdan has recently revealed his genre bending new single "Is Your Lover Still Cool", which combined smooth electronics from synths and slick production with warm acoustic guitars and his rather beautiful vocals layered on top. There's a lot of emotion here despite some elements of the track sounding bright and upbeat, it's just the way Dom has crafted the track. With the emotive lyrics which are very relatable in this age, and the bright hints of electronic whispers and guitars which is him keeping a smile on his face.

As Youdan even says - " ... I was an outrageous geek growing up, "Is Your Lover Still Cool" speaks to that; of not fitting in and feeling something for someone who doesn’t really see you. This song’s as much about gaining perspective as it is falling in love." - SO this one is for all of you hopeless lovers, but do me a favour, fall in love with this track as I find it beautiful from start to finish.