Elamar releases new single "Crazy Lonely"

Elamar has recently shared his brand new track "Crazy Lonely", and for the followers in Europe this track has come out at the right moment. The continent is basking in sunshine and Elemar's new offering has an abundance of tropical vibes ready for the Summer playlists. His vocals here are also on form with some subtle auto-tune being used to great effect.

The track sounds like it'll fit in perfectly at a festival when the sun goes down, with smoke pouring out over the crowd, a hint of 90's euro-pop in this cut also gives it a retro yet fresh feel. Elamar has really nailed this one down, no wonder he's proud if it, I would be if I were him! You can check it out below, and be sure to give him a follow on Spotify to be notified when he drops more quality tunes.