Hypergear drop soaring new single "Greyzones (2nd Zone)"

If you love your screeching guitars, Matt Bellamy style vocals and soaring choruses then boy have you landed on the right article. We've got Hypergear (what a name by the way, hype is even in their band-name) and their new single "Greyzones (2nd Zone)".

Speaking about the track the band say - "[It's a] blue song, which talks about the huge sense of desolation and distress after a big loss." - It's got a big backing from some synths and cosmic guitars in parts which gives this track a very 80's vibe to it, which is all the rage at the moment. With their previous tracks "I Am Dead" and "Suepractivity" doing well on Spotify I'm sure this one will follow suit and be a standout track for the Milan based trio.

The track is out now!