Misty Mtn release the luscious dark-pop 'Silver'

It appears that vocalist Morissa Trunzo's vocals are the ying to producer Lucas Segall's production yang, proven by the perfect harmony created in the intimate Silver. With a musical finesse akin to seasoned veterans, coupled with performing with the vivacity of an artist keen to prove themselves, Misty Mtn are well worth a spot on your radar.

Silver is a spellbinding journey through their distinct soundscape, perfectly encapsulating their self-defined "dark mountain pop" aesthetic.
“In the process of finishing our debut EP, we had a lot of songs we loved but nothing that evoked the word ‘sexy’ - which for us is more of a feeling, like a grit or an edginess that you feel deep inside. We began discussing both the moon and silver, as elements that evoke the feeling. From there, we wanted to explore the idea of ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ affecting your daily life or accounting for your behavior based on your astrological sign.”

Misty Mtn online: