Singer-Songwriter S.O.S. reveals new offering "Firebrick"

S.O.S. is Sophie Debattista, who currently resides in London but originally born in Malta, which gives her music a slight Mediterranean flavour to it. She's an out and out singer-songwriter who also produces her own work, and on top of that is a licensed busker for London Underground, which is hard to get.

Her latest track is "Firebrick" and really shows off her solid vocal abilities, with some beautiful vocal breakdowns and transitions in the bridges, mix that all in with the electronic based synth-pop structure and you've got on your hands a UK Top 40 contender right there. With a good background behind her already, with a scholarship at The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London which enabled her to study and graduate with a first-class BA (Hons) in Songwriting.

There is no doubt she's got talent, and with a lot of shows in and around London she's worked her way up the live circuit ladder all on her own.We love musicians who do it all their own above all else, and Sophie/S.O.S's route to where she is now is a real story of how you can go from busking to performing on the live circuit to then go on to produce an exciting track such as "Firebrick". Listen to the track below and enjoy!