Sour's single 'Separate Ways' is an energetic and vibrant pop tune"

Following on from their debut single ‘Oh No’, Essex three-piece Sour have released new single ‘Separate Ways’ and you best believe that it bangs hard.

Serving up synth-pop vibes with a Latin beat and exotic trumpets (yes that’s right, trumpets, who doesn’t love trumpets), Sour have shown they mean business.

Comprised of vocalist Connar Ridd, bassist Jonn Downham, and drummer Sam Mumford, ‘Separate Ways’ is a vibrant pop tune that won’t get out of your head.

Layered, well-produced, and energetic, there are numerous things to unpack in this single. From its timely backing vocals to the track’s playful lyricism and electronic textures, Sour are unapologetically fiercer this time round compared to their debut single.

Thematically, Sour seemingly go down the cliche route of writing a song based on a breakup. But after further listening, you understand that ‘Separate Ways’ is much more than that.

It is a song about desire, independence, and championing self-empowerment. 21-year-old frontman Connar gives a strong vocal performance throughout the entirety of the single.

Sour have released an impressively clean-sounding pop banger, if you didn’t have Sour on your radar before, you certainly will do now.

Words by Molly Garlick