Stay Lunar release frantic new track "Brainshake"

Say Lunar have released their frantic new offering in the form of "Brainshake", and the Swindon based quintet have really got our attention from the off. The track sounds like a perfect blend between The Smiths and Foals, but with enough attitude to sound fresh as anything.

The band was started as a solo project from a bedroom and has since blossomed into this five piece you see before your eyes, and if they keep on writing tracks such as this then it will look like they'll be around for some time. The track is hazy yet bright with the contrasting guitars complimenting each other so well, the frantic drums in the chorus is another highlight for me but Harry's vocals really make this track what it is, Morrissey is that you?

The energetic track is a real winner and after you've had a listen you'll feel like you're in the summer time already, there is so much promise with this band, I can't wait to hear more.