[TRACK OF THE WEEK] Watercolours - Habits (Stay High)

The Cheltenham outfit are back with a brand new track, "Habits (Stay High)". The new offering is actually a cover of Sweden's Tove Lo's 2014 track from her debut EP "Truth Serum", and here Watercolours have draped their own flavours on the electro-pop track turning it into a very cinematic and anthemic piece of work.

In fact a piece of art could easily describe this as the band's best recorded piece of work so far, with a wash of tropical sounds coming from the guitars thanks to Conal's array of pedals, tight backline from the Bass and Drums bring this all together and culminates in the trio crafting not just a cover, but a track to call their own. When band's go down the route of recording a cover in the studio (rather the live setting such as the Live Lounge) it goes one of two ways, bland and dull, or an absolute masterpiece, and it sounds like they've done the latter here, no wonder their generating so much interest in their region of the UK.

Look out for more work from them as we hear an EP is due to be released in the Summer of 2019!