Arliston reveal atmospheric new track "Loud"

Arliston have recently shared their epic and atmospheric new track, "Loud", and it's a perfect track to contemplate things to. The London trio draw some inspiration from Bon Iver, Four Tet and even The National, which you can hear elements from here. From the vocals that sound brooding like The Nationals, to the high quality production found in Four Tet's tracks to the ethereal harmonies and uplifting soundscapes that Bon Iver is famous for.

Arliston are clearly a band on the rise, and after hearing this offering I don't see why they can't make it big in the music industry. Their sound encompasses so much emotion and gives the listener something to really listen to in depth, and you'll really need more than the one play to truly love this track like we do, so much dynamics are going on here.

"Loud" is out now, and be sure to follow the band on the socials, if they play a show near you it's a must see!