Bengal Lancers add to their arsenal of songs with 'Last Orders' [IAI Premiere]

London-based four-piece Bengal Lancers are approaching indie music in the most astute way possible. Balancing their upbeat melody-heavy jams with a pensive and taboo-breaking and battle-hardened approach, their music carries such substance that they're rapidly rising to the top of the pile. Consistently plying their ever-expanding audience with hit after hit, Bengal Lancers are indie powerhouses.

Speaking on Last Orders, guitarist Harry Sullivan shares “In honesty, there was a point around last year where I realised that I was using drinking as a coping mechanism around stress. The hangovers started to become more of a battle and the party wasn't that fun anymore. My mindset had slipped a bit, but I picked myself up and went “right, I’m better than this” and Last Orders is the result of that.”

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