Bokito share the grooving 'Colleen Bawn'

Indie, as vague as that term is, can become quite tired when artists often rely on the same overworked tropes and themes. Injecting a fresh, funky and much-needed sense of fun into their songwriting are the self-described "tropical indie" outfit Bokito. The London-Irish quintet are unlike anything out right now, sitting the space between indie, funk and soul and they work that niche with finesse.

Latest track Colleen Bawn balances the complexities of modern love with the unmistakable effervescence of the band, and the powerhouse performance from frontman Moses Moorhouse is truly something to behold.

The Colleen Bawn is an Irish play by Dion Boucicault which is full to the brim with love and lies and sat with secrets. I thought it fitted nicely with the themes of the song. The lyrics are all about fooling yourself in a relationship. Whether it be that the relationship can work or that it is doomed before you really try, Colleen Bawn is something that I, and I feel some previous partners, have done at some stage to either salvage or sabotage something that we had and as a result, trapping ourselves in a sort of middle ground because no one can use the real truth as leverage to wedge themselves out. 
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