Crash Adams unveils latest single "Astronauts"

As everyone does these days, we live for the moment and forget how old we are (in a good way), but here Crash Adams have recently revealed a track which takes us back to that golden-age in music, the late 80's and early 90's. They're a duo consisting of Rafaele Massarelli, Vince Sasso hailing from Toronto, Canada.

"Astronauts" really does take us on a rocket-ship and propels us forward's into the realms of synth-pop mixed in with some delicious guitar hooks that wouldn't sounds out of place in a track by INXS. Their short but sweet bio simply says - "Crashing right into your living room." - and rightly so, this track was a real delight when I first heard it and I think they can easily go onto be one of the next buzz bands!

So head on down and check out the mighty track from Crash Adams now!