London Songwriter SK swoons on 'Nostalgia'

There's been a change in the winds this last year. Soul and Jazz have made an unprecedented comeback, leading to a new generation of musicians looking backwards, to determine their sound moving forward.

This perfectly captures the approach from London based artist SK - Brought up on Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway on a diet of soul and Jazz. The young artist now looks towards the likes of Fatima and Rosie Lowe for modern inspiration. The result is the outstanding new single 'Nostalgia'. The first single of a number of releases in the future, it's a track that perfectly treads the line between retro and contemporary.

Nostalgia was written when I was in my last relationship, it’s about yearning for the infinite possibilities of the beginning and realising after it was over that the only thing I really had the entire time was those memories.

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