[PREMIERE] Hildur Höglind explores the elusive nature of passion with bold and biting ‘My Heart (Won’t Skip The Beat That It Should)’

Hailing from Sweden, the alt-pop singer Hildur Höglind is back with her latest single ‘My Heart (Won’t Skip The Beat That It Should)’. From performing in local clubs from a young age to playing some of the biggest festivals in Sweden, Hildur has come a long way and is still rising.

Hildur’s colourful and folk inspired writing takes Scandi-pop to a new level, expanding her style on her latest track, Hildur isn’t an artist that sticks to the box she’s been confined to. In her latest single ‘My Heart (Won’t Skip The Beat It Should)’, we see Hildur climb outside of the soft-pop stereotype and indulge in something punchier.

Talking about the track, Hildur expands “I started writing what later became the chorus of ‘My Heart’ a long time ago and so when the time came to meet with my producer Joakim, I presented the few lines that I already had. From there we started building the verses and it all came together rather quickly and in a very organic way. I had an idea ready beforehand and with Joakim’s thoughts and input it came together perfectly. Personally, when I date someone, I need to have that spark in the relationship for it to really work. The excitement is so important to me that when it’s not there, I have to re-evaluate everything. While writing, we put synths together and tried to find a fitting melody, which turned out to be the most challenging part. However, once we did find that sort of atonal melody, we started recording vocals. I sung in different ways and with different levels of intensity to help the song build. It was cool being able to add some edge to the track, seeing as the lyrics are quite direct and frustrated. As an artist who is mostly associated with the softer side of pop, it feels great to release something with a bit more bite.”

‘My Heart (Won’t Skip The Beat That It Should)’ is out on all platforms 31st May.